Are my symptoms being caused by a torn hamstring?

Torn Hamstring Symptoms

Your hamstring muscles are in use anytime you’re bending your knees, and they’re highly stressed during activities like running or jumping. If you recently developed pain in the back of your leg while running or jumping, your symptoms may be caused by a torn hamstring. 

You’re not alone if you have an injured hamstring. The reality is that hamstring injuries are common in athletes, and it’s estimated that hamstring problems account for up to 16% of all athletics-related injuries. Physical therapists can help you learn if your symptoms are being caused by a torn hamstring. Also, these specialists can help you find effective recovery options for your injured hamstring. 

What symptoms can you feel with a torn hamstring?

There are many signs that can indicate that you’ve torn or strained a hamstring. A few of the more common signs of such an injury are: 

  • A popping sensation in the back of your thigh.
  • Suddenly feeling a sharp pain in the back of your thigh. 
  • Tenderness in the injured leg.
  • Swelling at the injury site.
  • Bruising around the injured area. 
  • Weakness in your leg. 
  • An inability to put weight on your leg. 

Ways a physical therapist can help treat your torn hamstring

Once your physical therapist is sure your symptoms are caused by a torn hamstring, there are many ways they can help you. For one thing, they can work with your doctor to determine if your tear is serious enough to need surgery. 

If it is, your therapist can help you through pre-surgical rehab that can prepare you for surgery. Physical therapists can also design post-surgical rehab plans intended to speed up your recovery. Patients who don’t need surgery can still benefit from physical therapy as their injury recovers. Some of the therapy techniques that can help you recover include: 

  • Aquatic therapy intended to help you strengthen the injured muscle while helping to reduce stress on it. 

Find treatment for your torn hamstring symptoms at Border Therapy Services

Think your symptoms are being caused by a torn hamstring? Our Border Therapy Services specialists can help you confirm the source of your symptoms. In fact, we offer free screenings that are specifically intended to meet this need. Additionally, our physical therapists are primed to create a custom therapy plan for you that can offer benefits like: 

  • Reduced pain.
  • Decreased recovery time.
  • Lower risk of future injuries. 

We can even help you get therapy in your home by encouraging you to sign up for a virtual therapy or at-home care session.

Contact our team today for more information about how we can treat your hamstring injury or to schedule an initial appointment.