Is carpal tunnel surgery worth it? The pros and cons

May 5th, 2023

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition that typically affects the hands and wrists. Hand and wrist pain are usually the earliest symptoms and, left untreated, this condition can lead to severe aches and pains. People who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome are often unable to work with their hands for extended periods of time.

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Wrist Pain

Why does my wrist hurt when I bend it or put pressure on it?

November 3rd, 2019

You use your wrists to do many routine tasks every day, so when this joint hurts, it can make your day much more difficult. Wrist pain can slow down your typing and cause other work-related issues. It can also make it more painful to work out or play sports that you enjoy. If your wrist

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Pain in the Wrist and Hand

These two conditions cause pain in the wrist and hand

October 5th, 2019

Using the wrists and hands is something many people do every single day. In fact, you may actually use these structures more than ever if you spend lots of time on a cellphone or computer. However, overuse, falls and other issues can cause several conditions that lead to pain in the wrist and hand. Here

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