Hip Impingement Physical Therapy

What benefits can hip impingement physical therapy offer?

May 3rd, 2021

It’s possible to live with a hip impingement, or femoro acetabular impingement (FAI), for years and not know that you have it. However, this issue tends to eventually cause pain. It can also cause a decreased ability to move your leg normally.  There are many Americans who may end up dealing with hip impingement. One

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Hip and Groin Pain

Why do I feel hip and groin pain at the same time?

January 14th, 2021

The broad reason people feel hip and groin pain at the same time is simple: These two structures are close together and connected by nerves. This makes it easy for pain to radiate from the hip to the groin and vice versa.  It’s also common for adults to feel these two types of pain together.

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