Labrum tear vs. rotator cuff tear: How do the symptoms differ?

March 3rd, 2023

Your shoulder is a complex joint made up of several bones, tendons and ligaments. When your shoulder suffers a sudden blow or is overstretched over time, you could tear your soft tissue surrounding the joint. Two common injuries that can occur in the shoulder are rotator cuff tears and labrum tears. Both shoulder injuries can

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Shoulder Pain

Can carrying a heavy purse cause shoulder damage?

February 9th, 2023

Not all cases of shoulder pain are caused by sports injuries or traumatic events like car accidents. Oftentimes, it’s caused by something simple, like carrying a heavy bag. But could carrying a heavy purse or messenger bag cause severe enough damage that you would seek shoulder pain treatment? Well, yes, in some cases. In this

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Functional Manual Therapy

Get these 4 functional benefits by using manual therapy for shoulder pain treatment

March 21st, 2022

Playing fetch with your dog. Typing that work proposal. Making pancakes for your grandkids. These are all tasks that can become much harder to do when you’re living with shoulder pain.  Unfortunately, many of us are likely to have to deal with shoulder pain-related problems. After all, medical studies estimate that the prevalence rate of

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