Get these 4 functional benefits by using manual therapy for shoulder pain treatment

Functional Manual Therapy

Playing fetch with your dog. Typing that work proposal. Making pancakes for your grandkids. These are all tasks that can become much harder to do when you’re living with shoulder pain. 

Unfortunately, many of us are likely to have to deal with shoulder pain-related problems. After all, medical studies estimate that the prevalence rate of shoulder pain generally ranges from 6.7% to 46.7% per year. If you need shoulder pain treatment, you should consider physical therapy. Physical therapy includes many different techniques that can help you with your shoulder issues, including manual therapy. 

Functional benefits of manual therapy for those with shoulder pain

Manual therapy isn’t just one therapy technique — it’s an entire category of therapy. The techniques that fall into this category all involve a physical therapist using their hands to manipulate or mobilize joints and soft tissue. This category of therapy can offer many functional benefits for shoulder pain treatment, including:

  1. Easing stiffness in shoulder soft tissue.
  1. Improving range of motion in the affected shoulder.
  1. Increasing flexibility in shoulder muscles.
  1. Reducing the potential for long-term shoulder pain or discomfort.

Types of functional manual therapy available for shoulder pain treatment

One of the most beneficial types of functional manual therapy used for shoulder pain is joint mobilization. Joint mobilization is intended to help improve the stability and flexibility in the shoulder joint. The technique involves a physical therapist using their hands to move your shoulder through its normal range of motion. This can help ease shoulder stiffness and pain after an injury or if you’re experiencing chronic shoulder pain. 

Other types of manual therapy our team of physical therapists uses are soft tissue mobilization and muscle energy techniques. These can also be used for shoulder pain, depending on the condition, and they can be combined with other effective therapy methods like: 

  • Therapeutic exercises.

Find functional benefits from manual therapy and other shoulder pain treatments at Border TS

Looking for the most effective way to reduce your shoulder pain? Our Border Therapy Services team is ready and willing to help you find the treatment you’re looking for. We offer free screenings intended to reveal the precise cause of your shoulder pain. In addition, our physical therapists excel at building personalized shoulder therapy plans designed to reduce pain and recovery time using beneficial physical therapy methods, including functional manual therapy. 

Don’t wait any longer to start getting our help with your shoulder pain. Our physical therapists are specially trained to help you on your wellness and injury recovery journey.

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