Hip injuries can benefit from these 3 PT techniques

Hip Injuries

Approximately 800,000 people suffer hip injuries from falls every year, significantly impairing mobility. Injuries can occur for a variety of other reasons including aging, accidents, repetitive strain, obesity and medical conditions. For some people, these types of injuries can be healed with rest and careful movement, but for others, a hip injury may require more extensive treatment through physical therapy (PT). PT specialists are specially trained to treat the plethora of hip conditions that exist.


Some benefits that physical therapy can offer for those with a hip injury

  • Symptom control — Physical therapy can help manage your symptoms like pain and inflammation.
  • Improved functionality and mobility — Regular exercise through a PT treatment plan can ultimately improve your range of motion and strength.


3 physical therapy techniques that can help treat hip injuries

  1. Strength evaluation — Physical therapists may use instruments that can measure your current strength levels and help determine where strength can be improved upon to alleviate hip pain and protect against further injury.
  2. Flexibility and mobility tests — Your physical therapist may use instruments or ask you to move around during a session so that they can assess your flexibility and mobility. Once your specialist has made an assessment, they can create the best plan for improving the range of motion in your hip.
  3. Gait evaluation — Similar to the mobility testing, your physical therapist may want to evaluate the way you walk, in order to determine if your gait could be contributing to your hip pain or, conversely, if the way you are walking is influenced by your pain.


Contact Border Therapy Services to help addressing your hip injury

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