Five benefits of treating shoulder pain with physical therapy

Benefits of Treating Shoulder Pain with Physical Therapy

Raising your hand to ask a question. Driving your car to work. Playing catch with your kids or grandkids. These are just a few of the times when shoulder pain can make your day more difficult. 

Sadly, dealing with shoulder pain is something that far too many people are familiar with. Medical researchers report that up to 31% of Americans are living with shoulder pain in any given month. If you’re living with debilitating shoulder pain, a physical therapist can help. These specialists can help you learn more about your shoulder issue, and they can help you find effective shoulder pain treatment designed to offer five specific benefits. 

A physical therapy-based shoulder pain treatment plan can offer these five benefits

To be effective, a shoulder pain treatment plan must be tailored to fit your specific condition. Physical therapists realize this fundamental truth, and it shows in how they develop individualized treatment plans. These specialists also know that there are many different shoulder conditions that may be causing your pain. Tackling these various issues is possible thanks to the many therapy methods that physical therapists have at their disposal. 

Some of the benefits that the right combination of physical therapy methods can offer include:

  1. Significantly decreasing your pain without the use of potentially addictive medications
  2. Reducing the swelling in your shoulder joint naturally
  3. Improving circulation to your shoulder structures
  4. Decreasing the amount of tension in your shoulders
  5. Increasing the range of motion in your shoulder 

How can your shoulder pain treatment provide these benefits?

There are two reasons that physical therapists can provide such beneficial shoulder pain treatment. One is that your physical therapist will provide you with experienced and personalized care. The second is that multiple physical therapy techniques will be included in your therapy plan, and each will be chosen based on its ability to benefit your shoulder issue. 

A few of the therapy methods that your physical therapist could include in your therapy program are: 

Find beneficial physical therapy for shoulder pain at Border Therapy Services

Do you want shoulder pain therapy that’s designed to offer you the greatest possible number of benefits? Our team at Border Therapy Services is ready to help you find the treatment plan that meets your needs. We offer free screenings intended to pinpoint the cause of your pain. 

In addition, our therapy specialists excel at building individualized therapy plans designed to reduce pain and promote joint mobility. We can even help you get started with your physical therapy if you don’t have a referral from your doctor. 

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