Three common sources of lower back pain in the morning

Lower Back Pain in the Morning

Lower back pain is a common problem. In fact, lower back pain might be the most common condition causing adult disability around the world. But if your lower back pain is especially intense in the mornings, then it indicates that there is a relationship between sleeping and increased back pain. There are a few different common reasons for this. Fortunately, you can take immediate action to try to reduce your lower back pain in the mornings. And for the most persistent back troubles, physical therapy can help.

Are you wondering why your lower back pain is worse in the morning? Here are three common sources of lower back pain and some possible solutions.

Three sources of morning lower back pain

Morning pain is usually associated with stiffness caused by decreased blood flow while asleep. In other words, your body hasn’t “woken up” yet. Usually, getting up and moving will increase your blood flow and cause symptoms to go away. However, the cause of the pain might still be there. Here are three sources that cause back pain in the morning: 

  1. Sleeping posture Your posture while asleep can affect your pain when you wake up. This is especially true if you sleep on your stomach, which compresses the spine. Try sleeping on your side or even in the fetal position. These postures open the space between the vertebrae in your spine, which can reduce the likelihood of back pain caused by your sleeping posture.
  1. Mattress quality If you find that your lower back pain subsides during the day, then you probably don’t have an underlying condition. This means that your mattress might be causing your morning back pain. Consider switching mattresses to improve your quality of sleep and to determine if that helps decrease your morning back pain.
  1. Spinal problems Sleeping may irritate certain spinal problems or cause increased spinal stiffness in the morning, which can cause pain when starting your day. One example of this is degenerative disc disease, which refers to the wear and tear of your spinal discs. You might also have a herniated disc that is agitated during the night and felt in the morning. 

Border Therapy Services is ready to treat your lower back pain and help you start your mornings right

Nobody wants to start their day in pain. Waking up with lower back pain in the morning can throw off the whole beginning of your day. Our physical therapists at Border Therapy Services are experts in treating numerous causes of lower back pain. If you have tried to remedy your morning back pain but can’t seem to find relief, we’re ready to help. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan that targets the cause of your lower back pain.

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