Three ways an annual physical therapy exam can help your daily movement

Movement Physical Therapy

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term “physical therapy”? Many people might say something about doing therapeutic exercises. These folks are on the right track. 

Many physical therapists will tell you that physical therapy is all about improving people’s movement abilities. Unfortunately, most people only seek physical therapy once pain and other symptoms are seriously hindering their movements. An annual physical therapy exam is a way to catch movement issues before they blow up into more serious problems. 

What is an annual physical therapy checkup?

An annual physical therapy exam may seem similar to the annual checkup you may have with your primary care doctor. But the goals of these two checkups are entirely different. The second type of checkup is about things like checking your blood pressure, having blood tests and getting regular vaccinations. 

An annual physical therapy exam is all about evaluating your movement ability. Some of the things that your therapist may look at during your checkup include: 

  • The range of motion of your joints. 
  • The flexibility of your muscles. 
  • The strength of your muscles. 
  • The flexibility of your spine. 
  • Movements that are causing you pain or discomfort. 

How can an annual physical therapy exam help improve your movement abilities? 

Having an annual physical therapy exam can have many benefits for you. For instance, such an exam can improve your ability to move on a daily basis by:  

  1. Improving your posture — Poor posture can lead to a range of issues that can make moving harder and more painful. During an annual PT checkup, your physical therapist can offer posture recommendations designed to improve your posture. Putting these recommendations into practice can make sitting, walking and many other normal daily movements easier. 
  1. Reducing pain — Annual physical therapy checkups can also identify movements that are painful for you. Your physical therapist can even help you learn the reason you’re in pain. They can then build you a unique treatment plan intended to decrease pain and improve your ability to move. 
  1. Helping you learn how to modify certain activities — Some patients may need to modify certain activities they do. This could be in response to a short-term injury or condition. It could also be necessary to address a chronic issue, like osteoarthritis. Physical therapists can help you learn which activities you need to modify. They can also help you learn how to perform those activities in a modified way.

Have an annual physical therapy exam at a Border TS clinic

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