Treating Fibromyalgia Pain with Range Of Motion Exercises

Treating Fibromyalgia Pain with Range Of Motion Exercises

If you have fibromyalgia, then you know the constant pain you feel makes it hard to do the things you love. When seeking treatment for your pain, you should ask about range of motion exercises.

Range of motion exercises may be very beneficial when treating fibromyalgia pain. You’ll need to find a physical therapist who will you perform range of motion exercises appropriately in your treatment.

Border Therapy Services has a team of friendly physical therapists that can end your search for good. To assess how fibromyalgia is affecting your everyday life, our team will perform an initial evaluation of your condition.

Once this initial evaluation is complete, we will develop a personalized treatment plan for your fibromyalgia pain. When we design customized fibromyalgia treatment plans based on physical therapy, we have a variety of methods to draw from.

How range of motion exercises in your fibromyalgia treatment plan may benefit you

Some of the exercises that your physical therapist may use in your treatment plan are techniques that may improve your range of motion.

Range of motion exercises are very important when treating fibromyalgia pain. Most of us limit our movements when we are in pain, which actually increases the pain that we experience. Range of motion exercises help the patient stay active, while not causing further injury or pain.

Benefits of a customized fibromyalgia treatment plan

We will create a treatment plan using range of motion exercises that may benefit you in a variety of ways. Some of the benefits you may experience from the range of motion exercises that may be included in your treatment plan are:

  • Strengthened and toned muscles
  • Increased blood flow in your body
  • Decreased daily pain levels

Including range of motion exercises in your treatment plan may improve the quality of your life.

If you would like to learn more about our fibromyalgia treatment plans, contact the team of physical therapists at Border Therapy Services today.