What steps may my physical therapist take during shoulder therapy sessions?

Shoulder Therapy

Shoulder pain is difficult to live with, since so many of the tasks we perform every day require the use of our arms. Whether you’re just driving or reaching out to grab something, shoulder pain can be debilitating. That’s why many people consider physical therapy as a means to treat their shoulder pain. 

Are you thinking about seeing a physical therapist to treat your shoulder pain? If so, then you’re probably wondering what steps may be included in your therapy sessions.

Common steps your physical therapist may recommend during your shoulder therapy sessions

  • Evaluation — The first step for a physical therapist is to take a look at your medical history. Then they will perform a physical evaluation to determine the best treatments. The nature of your shoulder condition will help the therapist decide which techniques are right for you. 
  • Joint mobilization — This technique is a form of manual therapy, meaning it’s a hands-on method. The physical therapist uses their hands to move a stiff joint through its normal range of motion. This technique is not meant to be painful. It is intended to loosen your shoulder joint. This may improve your flexibility; it may also reduce the stiffness that’s causing any discomfort. It can also ease tension, which may reduce shoulder pain. 
  • Therapeutic exercise — This approach emphasizes targeted exercises and stretching techniques for your shoulder. One factor that leads to pain in the shoulder joint is poor muscular structure. Exercise is used to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles. Stronger muscles help support the shoulder joint, which puts less strain on your shoulder.
  • Aquatic therapy — Your therapist may also recommend aquatic therapy. Low-impact exercises performed in water can help alleviate shoulder pain. This may also increase blood flow, which can reduce the tension in your shoulder muscles that contribute to pain. Aquatic therapy can also help improve your shoulder flexibility, which may improve your arm’s range of motion. 

Border Therapy Services is ready to help you take the right steps toward relieving your shoulder pain

Living with shoulder pain can put a damper on many aspects of your daily life. Shoulder therapy may be able to help reduce your symptoms and make life more enjoyable. Our team at Border Therapy Services are experts in shoulder therapy, and we’re prepared to help you. We are ready to develop a personalized treatment plan with the right shoulder therapy steps that are best suited for your needs. 

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