What to consider when looking for women’s physical therapy near you

Women’s Physical Therapy Near Me

Are you a woman who is in pain? If so, you fully meet the criteria for searching for women’s physical therapy, and you should definitely be looking for it near you. 

Fortunately, women are more and more likely to be able to find this type of physical therapy nearby. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) reports that the community of specialists who have been trained in women’s physical therapy, or women’s health PT, is more than 3,700 strong. 

It can be hard for some to decide if they should seek help from a new medical professional. If you’re still not sure if you should seek women’s physical therapy near you, there are several points you should consider. 

Three points to consider about women’s health physical therapy near you:

  1. It can treat musculoskeletal disorders — The musculoskeletal system includes your bones, muscles, tendons and other soft tissue. A problem with any of these structures can lead to musculoskeletal pain, and women are more likely to develop this type of pain. 

A medical survey reports that 45% of the women who responded had musculoskeletal pain. Only 39% of the men who responded did. Women’s health PT specialists are adept at creating treatment plans for many types of musculoskeletal pain. 

  1. It can address chronic issues — Health problems that continue to affect you for long periods of time are called chronic conditions. There are many chronic conditions that can affect women. One such condition is fibromyalgia; it’s estimated that about 90% of the people who develop this condition are women. 

Women’s health physical therapists can also help you address chronic issues like: 

  1. It can make pregnancies much easier — People are often surprised to learn that 72% of women experience lower back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. These and other types of pain can take a lot of the joy out of being pregnant. 

Working with a women’s health PT provider allows you address pregnancy-related issues that are causing you pain. Often, this type of help can reduce your pain, and it can even help prevent certain types of pain. 

Find top-notch women’s physical therapy near you at Border TS

Keen to find physical therapy near you that’s designed to meet a woman’s needs? Our team at Border Therapy Services includes specialists in women’s health PT who can help you. Our specialists can do a free screening to determine what issues are causing your pain. Furthermore, we’re adept at building physical therapy plans that are personalized to each patient’s specific needs. You can even sign up for at-home care and virtual therapy sessions that allow you to get treatment from home. 

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