Who can benefit from physical therapy for their knee?

Physical Therapy for Knee

Would it surprise you to hear at least one person talking about how their knees are hurting the next time you’re with a group of family or friends? It shouldn’t surprise you. 

Medical professionals can tell you that this scenario is far too common, and often, the number of people complaining about knee pain is likely to be higher. The reason? There are lots of Americans who are dealing with knee pain. Medical researchers have done surveys that show that nearly 33% of the people who responded had knee pain. 

One option that can help people address their knee pain is physical therapy, and there are certain people who should strongly consider finding and using this treatment option. 

Three types of people who can benefit from physical therapy for knee pain: 

  1. Workers with physical jobs — There are still plenty of people out there who have jobs that require lots of walking, lifting and generally moving around. Some examples include people in construction and assembly line workers. Often, people with physical jobs have a greater risk of developing painful knee problems. 

Physical therapists can help workers find safer ways to do normal work tasks, which can help decrease their risk of knee issues and pain. They can also help reduce a worker’s knee pain so they can get back to work faster. 

  1. Amateur athletes — Amateur athletes often play their sport less frequently than professional athletes. They also tend to spend less time stretching and training. Both of these factors mean amateur athletes could be more likely to develop a knee issue. 

Physical therapists can evaluate an amateur athlete’s stretching routine, gait and training program. They can then make recommendations about how to improve these areas. In addition, physical therapists can use many treatment techniques, like manual therapy, to reduce knee pain. 

  1. Arthritis sufferers — In total, 23% of U.S. men and women over 60 develop knee osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis can cause pain and make it more difficult for people to walk and do other normal daily activities. Physical therapists can create custom programs to help people manage knee arthritis effectively. These plans often include techniques like: 

Find effective physical therapy for your knee pain at Border Therapy Services

Is knee pain making your life difficult? At Border Therapy Services, our physical therapists are ready and willing to help you address troublesome knee issues. We can do a free screening to determine what issue is affecting your knee. Then, our team will create an individualized therapy plan for you that’s designed to reduce pain and improve joint mobility. You can even sign up for virtual care or at-home care sessions with us and treat your pain from home. 

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