Why do I feel hip and groin pain at the same time?

Hip and Groin Pain

The broad reason people feel hip and groin pain at the same time is simple: These two structures are close together and connected by nerves. This makes it easy for pain to radiate from the hip to the groin and vice versa. 

It’s also common for adults to feel these two types of pain together. In fact, one study found that 47% of its participants had pain in both their hip and groin. One person who can help you learn the exact cause of your pain is a physical therapist. Additionally, these specialists can help you find effective treatment for your hip and groin pain. 

What’s causing your pain? 

There are many problems that can result in aching in both your hip and groin. Familiarity with the human musculoskeletal system allows physical therapists to diagnose the cause of your pain. Some common issues that could be causing you hip and groin discomfort include: 

How can your physical therapist address your pain?

Physical therapists can treat your hip and groin pain more effectively if they know what’s causing it. Once they have this information, these specialists can bring many therapy methods to bear on your pain. This plethora of techniques also allow your specialist to personalize your treatment specifically to you. 

A few of the therapy techniques often used to treat an aching hip and groin include: 

  • Functional dry needling intended to reduce pain by breaking down myofascial trigger points near the affected area. 
  • Aquatic therapy designed to reduce stress on the hip and groin and build strength in the muscles that support them.
  • Joint mobilization that can help reduce restrictions in the hip joint that are triggering pain. 

Reduce the aching in your hip and groin with help from Border Therapy Services

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