3 reasons some women feel pelvic pain when sneezing

Pelvic Pain When Sneezing

Do you sometimes sneeze and feel a shooting type of pain in your lower abdomen? Are you looking for the causes of this kind of pain? Pelvic pain when sneezing is a fairly common condition, with about 1 in 7 women experiencing chronic pelvic pain. Pain in your pelvis can occur in the hips, tailbone, buttocks, pubic bone and even the lower back.

Physical therapy can be beneficial in a number of ways for those experiencing pelvic pain when they sneeze. Read more to learn about common triggers and treatments for this condition.


3 reasons sneezing can trigger pelvic pain

  1. Muscle strain or weakness — Sneezing causes your muscles to quickly contract; if your pelvic muscles are weak, you’re at a higher risk of getting muscle injury or strain.
  2. Pelvic joint issues — Pelvic joint problems can be especially painful when sneezing. If you have a preexisting joint condition, the violent spasms of a sneeze can put significant pressure on your joints.
  3. Pregnancy — According to one study, lower back pain and pelvic pain were prevalent in approximately 72% of pregnant women. For women who are pregnant or have gone through pregnancy in the past, pelvic pain can be all too real. Pregnancy affects the muscles and joints around this area and can cause symptoms like discomfort or pain, which can be exacerbated by sneezing.


3 physical therapy techniques that can help treat pelvic pain

  1. Pelvic floor therapy — This type of therapy works to help with pelvic floor dysfunction. A physical therapist  can evaluate the state of your pelvis before your treatment and determine how best to strengthen the lower abdomen.
  2. Strengthening the affected muscles — A physical therapist can create a personalized treatment and care plan to strengthen the muscles in your pelvis and prevent future pain.
  3. Posture correction — For some, correcting posture can have a significant effect on pelvic pain. Physical therapists are specially trained in fixing poor posture and will help you work to alleviate pain when sneezing.


Contact Border Therapy Services for pelvic pain treatment

Don’t let your pelvic pain interfere with your day-to-day activities. If you’re someone who experiences pain in your pelvis when you sneeze, let us show you how you could benefit from physical therapy services. Researching treatments online can be helpful, but when that doesn’t work for you it’s important you seek expert care. At Border Therapy Services, we are specially trained to treat conditions like pelvic pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an expert who can help.