How to use a foot wrap for pain in 5 simple steps

Foot Wrap for Pain

Foot pain is a very common condition in the U.S. Approximately 87% of people in the U.S. report experiencing pain in their feet at some point in their lives. The likelihood of developing pain in the feet can be increased by a variety of factors including chronic disease, poor footwear and age.

For some people, wrapping a foot may be a better short-term solution for pain relief than other short-term solutions like taking medication. If you’ve never wrapped your foot before, read this step-by-step guide to wrapping and learn about some of its benefits from our team of experienced physical therapists.

5 steps to wrap a foot for pain

A foot wrap is an adjustable piece of cloth that can be fitted around the foot including the heel and ball of the foot. It’s meant to apply supportive pressure to the heel, arch and ball. Here are some of the steps involved in the wrapping process:

  1. Wrap around the ball — The first step of the wrapping process involves winding the bandage or wrapping material around the ball of the foot. Wind the material around a few times, and make sure it winds around the arch of the foot too.
  2. Wrap around the front of the ankle — The next step is to wind the wrapping material around the front of the ankle, located below the shin area. This part of the process is the beginning of a “figure-eight” technique.
  3. Wrap around the back of the ankle — The third step in this process is to bring the bandage from the front of the ankle to the back of the ankle and then back around to the front. The idea is to completely wrap the ankle at least once.
  4. Make a figure eight around the foot — Once you’ve brought the bandage back to the front of your foot, you can cross it over the top of your foot, then, under the arch and loop it back up to the top of the foot and eventually to the front of your ankle again. This part may be a little tricky, but the goal is to wrap the ankle in a “figure-eight” motion.
  5. Securely fasten with a clip — The last step of the process is to secure the end of your bandage to the front of your ankle with a clip. This is to make sure that your bandage stays tight and intact.

3 benefits of wrapping for foot pain

  • Minimized swelling — Using a wrap is mostly effective for reducing swelling and preventing further swelling at the site of an injury.
  • Reduced pain — As a result of the reduced swelling from the wrap, you are less likely to experience serious pain. Most of the pain felt from ankle and foot injuries is often related to the amount of swelling at the injury site. However, wrapping the foot is just a short-term solution for pain relief. To get the best chance at returning back to normal function, you should see a physical therapist. Physical therapy can promote flexibility and range of motion and break up any scar tissue so that you can become fully mobile again.
  • Reduced risk of further injury — The foot and ankle will be less likely to become injured even further because it is immobilized to some degree by the wrap.

Border Therapy Services can teach you how to wrap your foot if you’re in pain

Border Therapy Services wants to help you deal with any preexisting foot conditions and, additionally, help prevent future problems. If you feel pain in your feet and it makes daily activities difficult to complete, you should seek the services of a physical therapist. We provide expert care to help you find relief. At Border TS, we can help treat and strengthen your feet so that you don’t suffer from pain any more than you already have.

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