Neck pain at the base of the skull in El Paso, TX: Three causes

Neck Pain at Base of Skull

The neck, or cervical spine as it’s known to medical professionals, is a complex structure. It’s also important for many of the common movements you make every day. For instance, the neck extends to tilt your head backward when you’re looking at an object on a high shelf. This structure also flexes to tilt your head forward, and it allows you to tilt your head side to side as well. 

The structures in the neck that allow such movements can easily become injured or tense. If you’re dealing with neck pain at the base of your skull in El Paso, Texas, there are three issues that could be the source of your pain. 

Three issues that lead to neck pain at the skull’s base

Dealing with neck pain is vital, especially when it’s located at the base of your skull. Pain and tension in this part of the neck can lead to other painful problems. For example, issues in this area can cause headaches. They can also lead to pain in the jaw joints. When local physical therapists see people with pain at the base of their skull, there are three issues that are commonly causing it: 

  1. Suboccipital muscle tension — The four suboccipital muscles run between the top cervical vertebrae and the base of the skull. Poor posture while working on a computer can lead to tension in these muscles. This tension can also come from long hours of staring down at a cellphone or tablet. When tense, these muscles can become painful, and they can also trigger tension headaches. 
  1. Osteoarthritis — This condition can develop in the facet joints between the top two cervical vertebrae. Facet joint osteoarthritis can be a result of natural wear and tear. It can also be caused by an injury to the neck. For instance, whiplash can increase your risk of neck osteoarthritis, especially if it isn’t treated. 
  1. Herniated disc — A disc is a structure located between two vertebrae, and it acts as a cushion between them. Discs have a tough outer layer and a gel-like inner layer. When the outer layer is torn or damaged, the inner layer can poke out or herniate. This herniated material can rub against neck nerves near the base of your skull. In turn, this irritation can cause pain in this area. 

Border Therapy Services in El Paso can help treat neck pain at the base of your skull

Are you looking for help for the neck pain you’re dealing with? Our Border Therapy Services team in El Paso is here for you. We offer free screenings that are designed to reveal the source of your neck pain. With this knowledge, our team can create an individualized therapy plan to treat the cause of your pain, and our plans can include multiple beneficial therapy methods like: 

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