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Border Therapy Services Announces New Clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico

February 10th, 2020

LAS CRUCES, February 10, 2020 –  Border Therapy Services and Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is pleased to announce the opening of their new outpatient rehabilitation clinic located at 3330 Rinconada Blvd. The new location will service several health provider groups, bringing quality care and convenience to the communities of Sonoma Ranch, Metro Verde, Dona Ana,

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Pulled Muscle in the Middle Back

What could cause a pulled middle back muscle in El Paso, TX?

February 7th, 2020

Your back makes up a large part of your body, and it has three main sections. At the top, you have seven vertebrae in your cervical spine, which is commonly called the neck. Next, there are 12 vertebrae in the middle back or thoracic spine, and finally, you have five vertebrae at the bottom of

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Neck Pain at Base of Skull

Neck pain at the base of the skull in El Paso, TX: Three causes

February 6th, 2020

The neck, or cervical spine as it’s known to medical professionals, is a complex structure. It’s also important for many of the common movements you make every day. For instance, the neck extends to tilt your head backward when you’re looking at an object on a high shelf. This structure also flexes to tilt your

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