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Pain in Neck When Breathing

Pain in the neck when breathing: Why you’re feeling it and what PT can do about it

June 1st, 2022

Many people feel neck pain after a long day of sitting at a computer or from having slept on it the wrong way. Roughly 30% of adults report having experienced neck pain at one point or another. Most of these aches and pains will go away after a while. However, if you are experiencing neck

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Hands Hurt in the Morning When I Wake Up

Why do my hands hurt in the morning when I wake up?

May 16th, 2022

No one wants to feel pain first thing in the morning when they wake up. Unfortunately, waking up with hand pain is something that many people experience. In one study, 14% of adults reported that they regularly experience symptoms of hand pain, with many of them also reporting reduced grip strength as a symptom. If

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Spine Care

5 spine care steps you can take in PT

May 2nd, 2022

If you experience persistent back pain, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re one of the 16 million adults who report that their chronic back pain has limited their ability to enjoy many everyday activities. With back pain being such a common complaint, it might be surprising to learn that many people don’t think about spine

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