Four top reasons for lower back pain

Reasons for Lower Back Pain

You get out of bed in the morning, and your back immediately starts aching. You’re lifting a heavy box, and you feel a twinge of pain in your lower back. These are just a few scenarios that may sound familiar to people who are experiencing lower back pain. 

There are many reasons that people develop lower back pain, and this is partly why this type of back pain is so common. It’s reported that at any given time, about 31 million Americans are living with lower back pain. Physical therapists can help people learn the reason for their lower back pain. Working with these specialists can also be an effective way to treat your lower back pain. 

These are four of the top reasons for lower back pain

The lower back is made up of many different structures, and many of them provide a reason for lower back pain. Four of the top reasons people develop this type of pain are: 

  1. Weak core musclesCore muscles are instrumental in stabilizing your spine. Some core muscles that you rely on regularly include your erector spinae, abs and pelvic floor muscles. Weakness in any of these areas can put stress on the others. In turn, this stress can lead to spinal misalignment and pain. 
  1. Sciatica — Another common reason people develop lower back pain is a pinched sciatic nerve. This issue is known as sciatica. It can lead to burning pain that starts in the lower back. The pain might also radiate into your buttock and down the back of your leg. 
  1. Poor lifting technique — Often, people don’t stop to think about how they’re lifting a heavy object. In many cases, they’re lifting with poor technique, and this can lead to lower back pain. Muscle strains in the lower back are especially common when people use poor lifting technique. 
  1. Disc problems — Discs are cushioning structures found between each vertebrae. They help provide flexibility to your spine and absorb shocks. However, your spinal discs can wear out over time, which can lead to degenerative disc disease. Other people might develop tears in the outer layer of a disc. This allows the inner disc material to poke out and irritate spinal nerves. 

Wondering which of these is the reason for your lower back pain? Border Therapy Services can help!

Struggling to determine the reason for your lower back pain? Our team at Border Therapy Services is primed to help you find the cause of your pain. We offer free screenings designed to pinpoint the root cause of your lower back pain. Our physical therapists also excel at creating personalized therapy plans intended to reduce your pain, and your plan may include therapy methods like: 

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