How does vestibular therapy help with concussion recovery?

Vestibular Therapy for Concussion

According to data compiled for an NPR poll, nearly 1 in 4 Americans has experienced a concussion at some point in their lives. The same survey reported that 3 out of 4 who had experienced a concussion received medical care for it. Medical care for concussions most often involves some form of physical therapy. Vestibular rehabilitation is a type of treatment used in physical therapy to help treat a variety of patients including those with a concussion.

In short, vestibular therapy is a type of treatment program designed to help manage the vestibular disorders and their symptoms. Some of these may include dizziness, vertigo, balance problems and posture issues.

3 reasons why vestibular therapy can help in concussion recovery

  • Can decrease dizziness — This type of therapy can aid the concussion recovery process. This is because it can help you manage your dizziness. During your sessions, your physical therapist will assess your current level of dizziness and create a treatment plan of physical exercises that can help you reduce the severity of your dizziness.
  • Can improve balance Vestibular rehabilitation therapy can also improve your balance if you’re suffering from a concussion. Concussion patients are often the ones who suffer from balance issues. Experienced physical therapists can retrain your balance through a series of intensive exercises.
  • Can retrain your vision — Physical therapists can also help you stabilize your vision, if an unsteady gaze is one of your concussion symptoms. They specialize in gaze retraining so that your vision can return to what it was pre-head injury.

Border Therapy Services can help you treat your concussion symptoms with vestibular therapy

Border Therapy Services wants to help you deal with the aftermath of your concussion and help prevent future problems. If your daily activities are difficult to complete because of your concussion, you should seek vestibular rehabilitation therapy from a physical therapist. We provide expert care to help you find relief. At Border TS, we can help treat your condition so that you don’t suffer any more than you already have.

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