Physical therapy in El Paso, TX: Does it help tennis elbow?

Tennis Elbow Rehab

Tennis elbow is a common injury to the tendons in your elbow that affects many people across the United States. Yes, this includes people who do not play tennis either. Tennis elbow is a form of tendinitis, which causes inflammation in the tendons that is painful and limits the use of your elbow. It’s known as tennis elbow because of its frequency of occurrence among tennis players, but it can affect anyone who uses their arms for repetitive motions.

One of the most reliable methods for treating tennis elbow is physical therapy. Physical therapists use techniques that help empower the body to fight inflammation and improve the condition of its elbow tendons. Not only does this provide treatment for your current injury, but it can help prevent similar injuries from developing in the future. 

How does physical therapy help with tennis elbow?

Take a look below at some of the ways physical therapy helps treat tennis elbow:

  • Physical therapy reduces pain — The primary goal of physical therapy for tennis elbow is to help reduce pain. This is achieved through exercises and other techniques that help reduce pressure off the joint while it recovers.
  • Physical therapy improves strength — Therapeutic exercises help improve the strength of the elbow, which provides better support for the joint to help reduce the inflammation and prevent similar pain in the future.
  • Physical therapy improves flexibility — Physical therapists may use stretches or manual therapy techniques to help improve the flexibility and range of motion of your elbow while it’s recovering from tennis elbow.
  • Physical therapy improves your technique — The way you’re moving your arm when playing tennis or for whatever activity is causing repetitive strain may be incorrect. Physical therapists can help correct your posture and motions to reduce strain and prevent tennis elbow from developing again. 

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