• "Border therapy has assisted me to regain my shoulder mobility after surgery."

    Kim M.
  • “I’m so grateful you didn’t give into my fears but pushed me, ever so gently towards a stronger more confident way of life. I’m walking 4-5 days a week and feel great!"

    Barbara M.

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Back Pain / Sciatica

Back pain and sciatica pain are closely related medical conditions. Many times, sciatica pain is the result of a medical back problem.

Post Surgical Rehab

After surgery, you’ll need rehab to get your strength back. With the help of a PT, you’ll be better able to improve body movement.

Work Injury

If you need physical therapy for a work injury, workman’s compensation should cover the costs of treatment.

Sports Injury

Whether you’re a seasoned and trained athlete or weekend warrior, there’s always a chance of incurring a sports injury.

Balance Disorders

Loss of balance will happen to even the strongest of individuals. When this occurs, it is important to focus balance & gait.


Fibromayalgia describes one experiencing debilitating fatigue, tender areas of the body, changes in mood or muscle pain can be diagnosed with this condition.

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My ACL rehab was great. Border Therapy has helped me get back on the field.
I feel my knee is strong and stable and I’ve recovered my speed and agility.