Slash back pain when breathing with these 3 PT techniques

Back Pain When Breathing

Are you or someone you know experiencing back pain when breathing? According to medical studies, approximately 58.9% of adults have experienced generalized back pain within the last few months. For some people, back pain can be exacerbated while breathing. Read more to find out possible causes, how physical therapists can help after a doctor’s treatment, and the different kinds of techniques that may be used during therapy to help relieve pain.

What are some general conditions that cause back pain when breathing?

  • Chronic medical conditions.
  • Medical harnesses or braces.
  • Incorrect sleeping position.
  • Poor posture when sitting or standing. 

What are more specific conditions that can cause back pain when breathing?

  • Pulled or torn muscle.
  • Obesity.
  • Heart attack.
  • Slipped or herniated disc.
  • Scoliosis.
  • Pneumonia.

If you experience a muscle injury, heart attack, spinal disc injury or pneumonia, you should immediately see a medical professional. You should also consult medical professionals for obesity or scoliosis, but these are chronic conditions that may not require urgent assistance.

How can physical therapists help address these issues after initial treatment from a doctor?

Physical therapists can be great resources even after seeking treatment from a doctor. Some doctors may refer patients to a physical therapist’s office to supplement their treatment plan. Your primary care physician knows that physical therapy is extremely helpful for rebuilding strength and mobility. Physical therapists can help you meet these goals by building you a customized treatment plan. Such a plan will typically include multiple PT techniques.

Which techniques might physical therapists use to ease this type of pain?

  1. Stretching exercises Exercises that stretch the back, like corner stretches and cat to cow stretches, are some specific exercises that physical therapists may recommend to target pain in the areas affecting you.
  1. Aquatic therapy Aquatic therapy is an effective method for easing back pain when breathing, because it takes advantage of water’s natural buoyancy. This characteristic allows you to perform PT movements and exercises with less strain on your body. The reduced strain can also make it easier for you to breathe during aquatic therapy sessions.
  1. Spinal stabilization exercises — This kind of therapy is designed to provide increased support to the spinal cord. When spinal support is increased, upper back pain can then subside.

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