Why exactly are my sciatica symptoms worse in the morning?

Sciatica Worse in Morning

Sciatica is not a condition but rather a symptom that causes pain. Sciatica occurs when there is irritation to the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is commonly caused by a herniated disc or other spinal problems that can compress the sciatic nerve. 

Are you wondering why your sciatica seems to be worse in the morning? There are a few possible reasons, but the good news is that sciatica can be treated effectively by physical therapists so that you can start your days off right. 

Possible reasons why sciatica symptoms are worse in the morning

It’s important to reiterate that sciatica is a symptom of an underlying problem and not a condition itself. The reason why your sciatica seems to flare up in the morning will depend on what’s causing your sciatica in the first place. However, it’s most likely connected to your sleeping position. 

If you’re sleeping in a posture that compresses your spine, then it can worsen your sciatica. Sleeping on your stomach or back might be irritating your sciatic nerve during the night by limiting the space between your vertebrae. Try sleeping on your side or in the fetal position to open up the space between the vertebrae in your spine.

Additionally, performing morning stretches routinely can help you start the day on the right foot. Hamstring stretches like reaching toward your toes can also help stretch out the spine, so getting in the habit of stretching in the morning can make a world of difference for dealing with morning sciatica. 

Suffering from sciatica that’s worse in the morning? Border Therapy Services can help provide you relief 

If you have tried to reduce your sciatica pain in the morning but need some extra help, we’re ready to step in. Our physical therapists at Border Therapy Services are experts in treating sciatica. We can address postural issues that may be contributing to your sciatica, which can help you feel better in the morning. We are prepared to build you a personalized treatment plan that addresses your sciatic pain.

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