3 lower back problems that can cause future issues if they aren’t treated now

Future Lower Back Problems

An estimated 4 out of 5 people will deal with lower back pain at any point in their lifetimes. This type of back pain can be tricky to deal with because it can affect even simple daily activities and tasks. 

3 lower back problems that could lead to future issues if left untreated 

  • Poor posture — Poor posture is one of these lower back problems that could lead to more serious issues if not corrected by a professional. In many cases, bad posture can weaken the muscles and tissue in your lower back, which may cause pain and put you at greater risk of injury in the future. It has even been known for some people to experience a harder time breathing due to poor posture.
  • Irritated nerves — If you’re experiencing nerve-related pain in your back, leaving this untreated could create further damage. Irritated nerves that are untreated for an extensive period of time can lead to severe nerve damage that could leave your mobility permanently impaired.
  • Sciatica — In the case of sciatica, where a disc in the vertebrae presses up against a nerve, neglecting to get the right medical care can result in severe cases of numbness or pain and even nerve damage.

If you’ve got lower back problems, your best bet is to seek out a physical therapist. If you ignore back issues, they could lead to future pain and worsened injury. However, with the right professional medical care (i.e., physical therapy), you can treat your existing conditions and minimize further pain.

Border Therapy Services can help you prevent future lower back problems

Border Therapy Services wants to help you deal with any preexisting back problems and, additionally, help prevent future problems. If you feel pain in your lower back region and it makes daily activities difficult to complete, you should seek the services of a physical therapist. We provide expert care to help you find relief. At Border TS, we can help treat and strengthen your back so that you don’t suffer from back pain any more than you already have.

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