4 reasons physical therapy is vital for injured athletes

Physical Therapy for Athletes

Sports are all about pushing your body to the limit and performing at your absolute best. However, sometimes athletes can push themselves too far. Sports-related injuries are incredibly common. The National Safety Council estimates that over 3 million people in the United States alone are injured while playing sports, using exercise equipment or engaging in some form of physical activity. 

Some of these injuries can be severe and can keep you on the bench for months. While you may be itching to get back onto the field, trying to play before you have fully recovered from your injury will almost always result in further injury. That is why physical therapy after a sports-related injury is vital.

Why is physical therapy so important for athletes?

The goal of physical therapy is not just to help relieve pain after you have been injured. Physical therapy helps you to recover more quickly and can help prevent injuries from happening in the future. Here are four reasons why injured athletes benefit from physical therapy:

  1. It reduces pain — One of the goals of physical therapy is to reduce pain without the use of prescription pain medications. Therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and electrical stimulation can all be used to reduce the pain from your injury.
  1. It aids in recovering mobility — Injuries can greatly reduce your ability to move your body the way that you used to. Physical therapists can help you restore your mobility through manual therapy techniques and exercises that help you regain your muscles’ natural flexibility.
  1. It improves balance — If your injury was due to problems with your balance and coordination, a physical therapist can help. Balance training and other forms of athletic performance training are excellent tools to help prevent injuries on the field.
  1. It improves surgery recovery — Severe sports injuries often require surgery to treat. Physical therapy is invaluable to help speed your recovery after surgery, as well as help your body prepare before your surgery date. Post-surgical physical therapy is also an effective way to prevent complications.

Where can I turn for physical therapy for athletes?

Our team at Border Physical Therapy has years of experience and expertise in treating athletic injuries. We can treat a wide array of sports-related injuries, including:

  • Tennis or golf elbow.
  • ACL tears.
  • Concussions.
  • Hip flexor strains.
  • Shoulder injuries.

Our physical therapy treatments go far beyond treating pain. Our goal is to help you recover more quickly and completely, so that you can return to the game stronger than ever.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.