What role can physical therapists play in workplace injury prevention?

Workplace Injury Prevention

If your job is physically intensive, your body is experiencing daily wear and tear that may cause an injury. You’re not alone. There are around 2.9 million workplace injuries each year. If you have been injured at work or are worried about sustaining an injury, physical therapy can help. Workplace injury prevention is a way to avoid becoming one of the millions of Americans who get injured on the job.

Have you hurt yourself at work or are just curious about workplace injury prevention? If so, physical therapy can help with recovering from or preventing work-related injuries. 

Physical therapy for preventing injuries at work

There may be many hazards at your workplace. If you are interested in workplace injury prevention, a physical therapist can help. Some ways that physical therapy can help you prevent an injury at the workplace include:

  • Performing a physical evaluation to determine the presence of any musculoskeletal issues.
  • Guided strength training to reduce tension in the joints that may be strained at work.
  • Demonstrating effective stretching techniques that help loosen the muscles so they are flexible at work. 

If you’re already injured yourself, don’t worry; physical therapy can still be effective for you! Even if you’ve lifted a heavy object and strained your back, you may benefit from physical therapy. If you have hurt yourself at work, then consider a work hardening program after the initial injury has healed. Some goals of work hardening programs are to:

  • Strengthen the injured area so you don’t aggravate or worsen the injury.
  • Improve posture so you don’t put unnecessary strain on your muscles. 
  • Make returning to work easier.

Who are work hardening programs for?

The requirements of every job are different. If you hurt yourself on the job, your injury is unique. That’s why work hardening is an individualized program designed for you. Your physical therapist will evaluate the specific tasks that you perform at work that could lead to a reinjury. 

For example: If you lift heavy objects at work, then you may have injured your lower back. Work hardening training will simulate the work environment. By performing the same actions that you would at work, you can strengthen your muscles in a controlled environment. Your physical therapist will also evaluate your posture to ensure you’re operating with proper form so you don’t put undue strain on your joints. 

Thinking about workplace injury prevention? Border Therapy Services is ready to help

Hurting yourself at work can be frustrating and painful. It’s even worse if your injury makes your job difficult. If you want to prevent injuring yourself at work, then Border Therapy Services is ready to help. Our physical therapists are ready to build you a personalized workplace injury prevention plan that meets the demands of your job. 

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